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Re: MW DX in Bermuda

On 3 May 2003 at 1:43, Dan Billings wrote:

> > I think, for all the students who spent Spring Break
> > there, very few ever dropped by to see how the colony was governed.
> I think that is a safe assumption to make.  And I was picturing your
> spring break like something I saw on MTV, but instead you were DXing and
> visiting the Session House.
Well, I =did= spend some time on the beach, too!  And they had some 
entertainment for us and a tour to the old fortress at St. George's.

I don't know if all of MTV spring break is spent in swimsuits, but that 
certainly wasn't the case with mine -- even for the other students, who 
may have been less geeky than I was.

And I didn't spend any time DXing.  I just heard WBZ accidentally.  I 
read about the Bermuda radio stations in the tourist info, but I didn't 
bring a radio with me, so the only time I heard them was on taxicab 
radios -- and possibly on the radio of the people who owned the cabins 
where I was staying.

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