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Re: MW DX in Bermuda

On 2 May 2003 at 17:49, Joseph Pappalardo wrote:

> > Bermuda in those days had only two stations of its
> > own.
> And was one of them the BBC?  (Or the BBC WS?)

No, they were ZBM and ZFB.  There was also ZBM-FM, which simulcasted the 
AM. (I infer this from the fact that they IDed as "ZBM and ZBM-FM."  And 
they pronounced the letter Z "zed."
> (Bermuda is part of the UK, right?)

No, it's a British colony.  Northern Ireland is part of the UK.  The 
difference is that Northern Ireland elects members to the House of 
Commons.  Bermuda is governed by a governor appointed by the Queen.  I 
beleve there is now a First Minister and cabinet drawn from the 
legislative majority.  When I was there, there wasn't, and the royal 
governor was the actual executive head of the colony.

I actually visited the "Sessions House" in Hamilton, where the colonial 
legislature sits.  I was disappointed that the House wasn't sitting at 
the time, but the people who worked in the building were happy to tell me 
all about it.  I think, for all the students who spent Spring Break 
there, very few ever dropped by to see how the colony was governed.

I also surprised the locals by using British money -- which then was the 
pre-decimalization pounds, shillings, and sixpences.  Most Americans use 
American currency, and businesses were used to quoting prices in either 
form.  No wonder, when Britain decimalized the currency, Bermuda adopted 
its own monetary unit, the Bermuda Dollar, pegged to the American dollar. 
I'm sure it makes a lot of things a lot simpler.

I learned about the new money from my sister, after she and her husband 
had their honeymoon there.  I don't think they went to the Sessions House 

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