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MW DX in Bermuda

Thought you might be interested in my brief (and
incomplete) MW reception report from my Bermuda
vacation.  I was surprised by some of the stations I
logged.  Needless to say, my portable Grundig digital
traveler II didn't pick any surprises on FM.  I didn't
bother to try SW with just the stock antenna and
wasn't feeling up to bringing my portable long wire
and hanging it out the window (not sure my wife or
hotel management would have liked that very much). 
Bermuda is about 775 southwest miles from Boston.

By day, MW was empty except for local stations.  The
most powerful nighttime Boston signal was 1510 WWZN by
far which isn't too much of a surprise.  It easily lit
the signal indicator while 1030 WBZ was a distant
second but usually clearly audible.  I was surprised
to very clearly hear 1360 WDRC from Hartford and what
I believed to be 920 WHJJ.  1480 WSAR was just audible
enough to hear a legal ID which also surprised me as
these signals are so poor just 25 miles west of

There were only about 3 local FM's and 5 local AM's in
Bermuda serving the local population of about 65,000 +

Here's a list of some other frequencies logged (mostly
from Boston/New York area), most of which would be
expected nighttime MW (some just audible through lots
of interfering foreign language).

660 WFAN, New York
680 WRKO, Boston (noisy)
710 WOR, New York
750 WSB, Atlanta
770 WABC, New York
790 WSKO, Providence (ESPN heard though calls not
850 WEEI, Boston (ID barely heard through interfering
<Canadian?> signal)
890 WLS, Chicago
920 WHJJ, Providence (no ID! automation failed on
local fill)
1010 WINS, New York
1020 KDKA, Pittsburgh
1030 WBZ, Boston
1040 WHO, Des Moines (most distant/clearly heard ID)
1050 WEVD, New York
1080 WTIC, Hartford (clearest Red Sox affiliate)
1090 WBAL, Baltimore
1130 WBBR, New York
1360 WDRC, Hartford (clearly heard Rock Cats baseball
1480 WSAR, Fall River (very noisy, times when this was
clearest Sox signal)
1500 WTOP, D.C.
1510 WWZN, Boston
1520 WWKB, Buffalo
1540 WPTR, Albany (not confirmed, heard MOR music)

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