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Re: MW DX in Bermuda

On 30 Apr 2003 at 7:58, Ari Alpert wrote:

> Thought you might be interested in my brief (and
> incomplete) MW reception report from my Bermuda
> vacation.  

I was in Bermuda for Spring Break from college in 1966.  I didn't do any 
DXing from there, but one night, around 1 AM, as I was pulling out of a 
restaurant parking lot on my rented moped, a VW bug pulled up next to me, 
and on its car radio, I heard WBZ, loud and clear, sounding like a local.

> By day, MW was empty except for local stations.  The
> most powerful nighttime Boston signal was 1510 WWZN by
> far which isn't too much of a surprise.  It easily lit
> the signal indicator while 1030 WBZ was a distant
> second but usually clearly audible.  

I wonder whether WBZ's signal to Bermuda has deteriorated or it was just 
a difference in atmospheric conditions.

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