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Re: No Radio For The Lowell Spinners This Season?

Sticking point 2 words
Bob Ellis

Spinners won't make a deal unless he part of it

On Sat, 26 Apr 2003 8:06PM -0500, Mark Watson wrote:
>    In today's Lowell Sun, sports reporter Barry Scanlon mentioned in 
> his
> weekly sports column that the Lowell Spinners baseball games may not 
> have a
> broadcast outlet this season unless something changes in the next 
> couple of
> weeks. It appears that WCCM (now 1490 Haverhill) will not be carrying 
> the
> Spinners this season, the last 3 seasons they were on WCCM when they 
> were at
> 800 on the dial. The Spinners have been negotiating with WCAP but the 
> talks
> have reportedly stalled, and if no agreement is reached, the team will 
> have
> no radio outlet for the first time in it's 8 year history. According to
> Spinners GM Sean Smith, "the ball's in WCAP's court".  No mention in 
> the
> article of what the sticking point(s) in the negotiations may be.
>     There has been speculation on this list going back a few years 
> (when
> WLLH was sold to Mega) as to why WCAP didn't land the Spinners after 
> ranging from $$$ to announcers, who really knows what the hang up is in 
> the
> current talks?
> Mark Watson