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Re: No Radio For The Lowell Spinners This Season?

Mark Watson writes:
>     There has been speculation on this list going back a few years (when
> WLLH was sold to Mega) as to why WCAP didn't land the Spinners after WLLH,
> ranging from $$$ to announcers, who really knows what the hang up is in
> current talks?

Hearing Gary Francis talk in here before, he claimed that the numbers didn't
work (my paraphrasing, though he may have actually dropped that phrase) for
the Spinners and it goes deeper than any Bob Ellis dispute.

Whatever happened with the WJUL option? I would imagine the Spinners'
broadcasts could rake in some decent cash there (through underwriting) --
and some free pub, to boot -- at a time when all arms of state government
should be clamoring for any extra pennies they can cough up.