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No Radio For The Lowell Spinners This Season?

   In today's Lowell Sun, sports reporter Barry Scanlon mentioned in his
weekly sports column that the Lowell Spinners baseball games may not have a
broadcast outlet this season unless something changes in the next couple of
weeks. It appears that WCCM (now 1490 Haverhill) will not be carrying the
Spinners this season, the last 3 seasons they were on WCCM when they were at
800 on the dial. The Spinners have been negotiating with WCAP but the talks
have reportedly stalled, and if no agreement is reached, the team will have
no radio outlet for the first time in it's 8 year history. According to
Spinners GM Sean Smith, "the ball's in WCAP's court".  No mention in the
article of what the sticking point(s) in the negotiations may be.

    There has been speculation on this list going back a few years (when
WLLH was sold to Mega) as to why WCAP didn't land the Spinners after WLLH,
ranging from $$$ to announcers, who really knows what the hang up is in the
current talks?

Mark Watson