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Re: No Radio For The Lowell Spinners This Season?

Mark Watson writes:
<<     I believe Northeastern University, or the company 
that produces the NU
games, buys the air time from Bob Bittner for the sports 
broadcasts. So yes,
it does make some money for Mr.Bittner. >>

Colt Broadcasting, owned by Rob Rudnick (station 
manager/owner at WNTN), was doing Northeastern broadcasts 
last I checked. Previously, it was Beacon Sports. I've 
always found it amazing that Northeastern's broadcasts 
somehow bring in enough revenue to pay overhead (and 
presumably make a small profit). Consider that most of 
NU's graduates up until a few years back were really 
commuter students who got business degrees but aren't 
necessarily running any companies or making many spending 
decisions in the marketplace.