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Re: "Kodachrome" (was CHRISTINA AGUILERA)

Martin J. Waters wrote:

>    One that's providing a high amusement factor right now for me is (sorry,
>don't even know the group's name), a fine top 40 hit, "She Fuckin' Hates
>Me." Locally here in Nutmeg Land, I heard (on a station whose identity also
>is slipping my feeble mind at the moment), an edit that left an awful lot
>of the F and ING in. But then lately I've heard a cleaner edit on the same
>station. Maybe they got complaints?

I believe the record company put out a new edit that removed more of the 
word.  Overheard the PD & MD of our CHR discussing this a couple weeks ago.

Sean Smyth added:
>A few years back, some stations did limited editing on Alanis Morissette's
>"You Oughta Know." I distinctly remember one station in Boston (either Kiss
>or WBCN) leaving the f-bomb in there when it aired a little before 6 a.m.
>(just presumed this might have been a board op error), but then I also
>remember Kiss dumping the vocals and running only a music bed in a part of
>the song that refers to oral sex.

You must be referring to the accousic version from her Grammy 
performance.  Unlike the single, the label did not provide an edit of that 
one...Kiss produced their own with the 2 sexual references edited...the 
reference to going down in the theatre replaced by a couple of piano notes, 
the F-bomb by an "oh yeah".  Kudos to whoever produced that edit at 
Kiss...it was not an easy one to do.

>    The first edit chopped so little of the word that it was pretty
>startling to hear, especially since it's repeated, oh, five or 10 times in
>the song. As ancient as I get, I still have that antiestablishment thing
>going -- any song with that name is just a hoot and a half. I like to think
>some dentist's office somewhere, somehow had that station on. In fact,
>excuse me, I think I'll go call in and request it now :))