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Re: Globe on John Garabedian

>> Roger Kirk wrote:
>>> Also, WMEX reportedly told their DJ's to never use the number 68 on 
>>> the air.  So, the temperature was either 67 or 69, but never 68.
>Paul Anderson replied:
>> And in Springfield, the temperature as mentioned on WTXL was *never* 
>> 56 degrees.  (WHYN was on 560.)

Nostatic chimed in:
>I worked at WKSS/Hartford-Meriden doing part-time in the summer of 
>1990. Back then "Kiss 95.7" was in a fierce CHR war with "96TIC-FM."  
>We were told during the first heatwave that we had to announce the 
>temperature as "95.7" NOT 96! I'm sure this still goes on somewhere....

Roger Kirk rejoined:
Does this really make a difference?  Has there ever been a scientific study about what listeners REALLY do and don't notice?  Is it being nitpicky, carefully covering all bases or just a S.W.A.G.?