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Re: Globe on John Garabedian

One could always argue that management just didn't have enough to do. Now that 
GMs, PDs, and MDs are each generally responsible for six or so stations, that 
should no longer be a problem. But imagine if syndicated programs had to avoid 
mentioning any number, word, or phrase used to identify a competing station in 
any market in which the program was heard. I think that would rule out any 
format in which there were liners between musical selections ;>)

Of course, there's nothing to stop an MD with extra time on his/her hands from 
ruling any selection whose LYRICS suggested a competing station.

Would the next format du jour become "The same six songs all the time--with no 
talk (except for commercials)?"
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> Roger Kirk rejoined:
> Does this really make a difference?  Has there ever been a scientific study 
> about what listeners REALLY do and don't notice?  Is it being nitpicky, 
> carefully covering all bases or just a S.W.A.G.?