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Re: Globe on John Garabedian

> From: Rick Kelly nuhuc@juno.com
> Date: Sun, 2 Feb 2003 23:43:23 -0500
> To: elipolo@earthlink.net, dan.strassberg@att.net, boston-radio-
> interest@bostonradio.org
> Subject: Re: Globe on John Garabedian
> On Sun, 2 Feb 2003 11:40:33 -0500 "elipolo@earthlink.net"
> <elipolo@earthlink.net> writes:
> > There was another one (pirate) on for a number of months in 1973/1974
> > from Watertown.
> This was WOJX, a friend of mine helped build and run it.  Those involved
> published DX News, the National Radio Club newsletter.  As I hear, they 
> did not operate on 1210 more than once or twice; mostly on 1200.

Those were the call letters! WOJX! I had forgotten.  

So, Boston's two "major" early 70's west suburban AM pirates that I heard 
were WEGN 1060 AM Waltham in 1970, and WOJX 1200/1210 AM Watertown in 1973.

> The station disappeared in late 1973 when a fire destroyed the upper 
> two floors of the owners' home, taking the transmitter and audio gear
> with it.

Sorry to hear what happened to them. I didn't know.

Eli Polonsky

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