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Re: WPAA-FM 91.7 Broadcasting Something

At 04:55 PM 2/2/2003 -0500, Sean Smyth wrote:
>I wonder if Aaron ever approached the WPAA management (if there is even an
>advisor for the station, and I'm thinking the sporadic operation may be
>because they can't hold onto one, for whatever reason) about his ideas for
>24-7 operation via automation.

I haven't yet....yes, yes, shame on me.   It's been a really bad past three 
months for me with my health (I don't want to go into details, lets just 
say I've been spending WAY more time than I'd prefer at Dana Farber) and 
the past two weeks have been hell trying to integrate a finicky old 
Wheatstone A-500 console into Allston-Brighton Free Radio.

BUT...the good news is my health is getting much better, and hopefully the 
ABfree craziness will die down within the next week or two.  I'm hoping to 
get a comprehensive proposal together to present to WPAA within the next 
few weeks or so.

BTW, I might have some interesting news about WCDJ to report in the near 
future...or maybe not, plausibly deniably.  :-)

Aaron "Bishop" Read             aread@speakeasy.net
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