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Re: WPAA-FM 91.7 Broadcasting Something

Laurence Glavin writes:
> After months and months and months of sending out nothing but an
> unmodulated carrier, WPAA-FM 91.7 at Phillips Academy Andover was
> broadcasting something this afternoon.  Students were in the
> studio trying to play recordings, apparently with no training on
> how to make the equipment work.  When they got some recording to play,
> it was at such high intensity, the selection was so distorted as to
> be unintelligible (probably a good idea).  I imagine this could cause
> their transmitter to overload and perhaps cause intereference to WJUL.
> One other thing...I'm sure that the constant month-after-month of
> operation seems to have resulted in a power decline.  It seems weaker
> than in the past, and by antenna manipulation, I can now pick up the 91.7
> in Newburyport, MA...WPAA used to bury it.  I wouldn't be
> surprised if from time-to-time, students at the Bushies' alma mater
> get word that the school HAS a radio station, find the studio, and put
> it on the air until they get bored, and then it goes silent until
> the cycle is repeated.

I wonder if Aaron ever approached the WPAA management (if there is even an
advisor for the station, and I'm thinking the sporadic operation may be
because they can't hold onto one, for whatever reason) about his ideas for
24-7 operation via automation.