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Re: WPAA-FM 91.7 Broadcasting Something

Oh yes there is an advisor because I spoke to him a year ago about the
unmodulated carrier and  his response (in the most arrogant professorial
tone possible) - "We're Phillips Academy - we do what we want - if we want
to be keep our radio station turned on, but silent,  we will and no one will
stop us".


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Subject: Re: WPAA-FM 91.7 Broadcasting Something

> Laurence Glavin writes:
> > After months and months and months of sending out nothing but an
> > unmodulated carrier, WPAA-FM 91.7 at Phillips Academy Andover was
> > broadcasting something this afternoon.  Students were in the
> > studio trying to play recordings, apparently with no training on
> > how to make the equipment work.  When they got some recording to play,
> > it was at such high intensity, the selection was so distorted as to
> > be unintelligible (probably a good idea).  I imagine this could cause
> > their transmitter to overload and perhaps cause intereference to WJUL.
> > One other thing...I'm sure that the constant month-after-month of
> unattended
> > operation seems to have resulted in a power decline.  It seems weaker
> > than in the past, and by antenna manipulation, I can now pick up the
> > in Newburyport, MA...WPAA used to bury it.  I wouldn't be
> > surprised if from time-to-time, students at the Bushies' alma mater
> > get word that the school HAS a radio station, find the studio, and put
> > it on the air until they get bored, and then it goes silent until
> > the cycle is repeated.
> I wonder if Aaron ever approached the WPAA management (if there is even an
> advisor for the station, and I'm thinking the sporadic operation may be
> because they can't hold onto one, for whatever reason) about his ideas for
> 24-7 operation via automation.