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Re: The Human Thing and WMEX

On 2 Feb 2003 at 4:14, Donna Halper wrote:

> Currently, a form of rock seems to be best able to communicate the real
> needs, hopes, and cares of the majority of the American people."  Makes
> ya wanna put on yer bell bottoms and chant Haré Krishna, don't it? 

I thought it was "Hairy Kishga."  Or was it "Harry Krishman"?  Anyway, that was what the 
times were.  You can almost parody those times by describing actual occurrences.  Like 
when the tradition of freshman beanies came to an end at UMass because the incoming 
freshmen refused to pay $1 for beanies, insisting, instead, on donating the dollar to feed 
starving people in Biafra.  Or the guy I knew who trimmed his beard differently on each side 
because he couldn't think of any reason why a beard had to be symmetrical. 

I remember when WMEX was "The Human Thing."  I kinda liked it at the time.
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