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Re: Mac Richmond's WPGC

 In the early 60s WPGC-FM would sign off at 6pm. In
winter when the AM went off at 515pm they used to play
the _same_ tape of just music every day on the FM from 515 to 6. The tape was done by the then-afternoon DJ who went by the name "Dean Griffith"; IIRC it was only changed when "Griffith" went to WWDJ "New York" as "Dean Anthony".

Even tho' Richmond owned both WMEX and WPGC, the only air personality I know of that moved between the two was Larry Justice; he came to 'PGC from Little Rock where he was "Kirk Justice".

WPGC used some promos and contests (like the "turkey shoot" and "colorradio quarterback" voiced by Mel Miller) from WMEX and also had house names. When Bob Raleigh (later of WBZ) went to WWDC, WPGC had a new jock using the name "Tiger Bob Raleigh". So Bob on WWDC started calling himself "the REAL Bob Raleigh". They were both on from 10 to 2.

Raleigh talked on WBZ of his Washington days once in a while when prompted by a caller from the DC area. He had a pretty good knowledge of where a lot of the DC jocks went.

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