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The Human Thing and WMEX

Since it came up in conversation earlier, I found a clipping from 24 August 
1969 wherein Dick Summer, claiming to be WMEX's consultant, describes the 
format at WMEX to a Boston Globe reporter:  "The Human Thing laughs, cries, 
is indignant, is sympathetic, worried, and happy.  If you hit it, it 
bruises.  If you smile at it, it smiles back, " Summer 
explains.  "Obviously, music is an important part of WMEX.  The Human 
Thing's music must be real, as must be its people.  Real music is an 
emotional release rather than an intellectual exercise.  It reflects the 
face of its times.  Currently, a form of rock seems to be best able to 
communicate the real needs, hopes, and cares of the majority of the 
American people."  Makes ya wanna put on yer bell bottoms and chant Haré 
Krishna, don't it?

Anyway, the jocks in August of 69 were as follows:  Summer, Bob Wayne, Jim 
Brand (PD) Jerry Gordon, Ron Robin, Cousin Duffy and Bud Ballou.  (Summer 
did a 10-11 pm show called "The Loving Touch.")  And that's the way it was, 
in August of 1969.