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RE: The Human Thing and WMEX

Hi Donna:

The year before that, I won the WMEX Bonnie and Clyde contest in April of
1968.  You had to open up three safe's:  Safe 1 was a copy of Black beards
Ghost LP, Safe 2 was  Coty's perfume Collection, and safe 3 was A Raleigh
Motorbike!  I got them all!!!  The jock I won it from was Tom Sawyer.    The
next contest was related to the Russians, I forget what it was about, but
they wouldn't let me play again since I had just won the other contest.  In
1969, I won a Sunoco AM Radio from Cousin Duffy.  Soon after, I won a 45 of
Neon Rainbow by The Boxtops from Bob Wayne, I think.

That year, as well as 1968, I won several 45's, albums, and etc.  And the
contest line was 931-1500.  It was such a fun station.

Subject: The Human Thing and WMEX

Anyway, the jocks in August of 69 were as follows:  Summer, Bob Wayne, Jim
Brand (PD) Jerry Gordon, Ron Robin, Cousin Duffy and Bud Ballou.  (Summer
did a 10-11 pm show called "The Loving Touch.")  And that's the way it was,
in August of 1969.