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Re: This is awful

Kevin's alert:
>>The Space Shuttle broke up on re entry over Dallas   developing <<

to which Garrett noted:
>> Awful, indeed, but hopefully adequately covered in other forums closer to 
the situation.  Unless you have something on-charter to say on this topic, 
please redirect your comments to a more appropriate list. <<


  with all due respect, i for one am thankful that someone on the list 
mentioned it, otherwise, with the Saturday morning din of cartoons in my house, 
i'd have not known about it until i got into my car to leave for work at 11am.  
i try to avoid the "media" during the few moments i have early Saturday.  
Kevin's note gave me an hour's head start.  
   as it was, as a broadcaster with two (2) airshifts scheduled for Saturday, i 
had to scramble to my Maine station to help re-direct the focus of our 
station's programming for the remainder of the weekend: we were doing a "Rock & 
Roll Heaven" weekend, spotlighting artists who are no longer among the living 
(the anniversary of the Clear Lake, Iowa crash is Monday).  and in Boston, 
there is a scarcity of extra announcers on the weekend, so i was trying to 
hustle to get to my shift earlier than scheduled in Boston.
  i'm sure the discussion of the tragedy itself might be suitable for other 
news groups or list-serves.  the focus of the media on this issue is one that 
does appear germaine.  and in this case, i am one of the media who was not 
aware of the events unfolding.
    again, i respect and appreciate your stewardship here.  it's an enjoyable 

- -Chuck Igo