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RE: Globe on John Garabedian

At 11:23 PM 1/31/2003 +0000, you wrote:
>I don't remember Garabedian at WMEX, but everyone else who is old enough to
>have heard him there seems to remember him. When was he at WMEX and what name
>did he use? A great many of the air staff at WMEX used house names. I gather
>that Garabedian wasn't one of them.

He absolutely was at WMEX, in the early 70s.  I remember it because one of 
the more surreal moments in local radio occurred when Mac Richmond died 
(which I believe was in 1972)  and John H, who didn't get along with Mac 
any better than anyone else did, went on the air with this incredibly 
emotional tribute to him, one of these "He walked among us..." kind of 
tributes, and I recall sitting there and thinking "but he *hated* the 
guy..." And no, John H. never used a house name on WMEX.  He used John H.