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Re: "Kodachrome" (was CHRISTINA AGUILERA)

Eli Polonsky wrote:

>The word "crap" was censored on WBZ (and maybe elsewhere, but I don't
>recall it being censored anywhere else here in Boston).

I've heard that Columbia released an edited version of this to radio 
stations though I've never actually seen such a version...any promo copies 
I've ever seen had the "crap" intact.  As I recall, the WBZ edit was a bit 
clumsy so it may have been done in-house.  BZ also aired an interesting 
edit of Hall & Oates' "Rich Girl" with the line "it's a bitch girl" 
replaced with "you're a rich girl".  This may have been a record company 
edit as I recall hearing it on at least one other station, though again 
I've never actually seen a copy with this version on it.

Bob Nelson added:

>The versions of "I'd Like To Teach the World to Sing"
>by the New Seekers and the Rooftop Singers (both of
>which charted in the US)

Actually, it was the Hillside Singers that did ILTTTWTS, the Rooftop 
Singers' sole hit was "Walk Right In" from 1963.  Interestingly, the 
Hillside Singers' follow-up was called "We're Together" and was sung to the 
tune of the then-current "you deserve a break today..." McDonalds 
jingle.  The HS may have been the singers on the jingle.