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RE: Globe on John Garabedian

dan.strassberg@att.net wrote:
>I don't remember Garabedian at WMEX, but everyone else who is old enough to
>have heard him there seems to remember him. When was he at WMEX and what name
>did he use? A great many of the air staff at WMEX used house names. I gather
>that Garabedian wasn't one of them.

He was there in 1970 & 71 using his real name and was PD for a while in 
1971.  He might have worked there earlier under a different name as well.

>I've heard that he started in radio at WESO in Southbridge and that it was
>either there or at WORC that he was Johnny Gardner. He also worked at 
>WPTR, and
>I wouldn't be surprised if he got the idea for the WGTR calls from WPTR. 
>So can
>anyone put together a reasonable facsimile of his resume?

He was also at WFEA around 1963 as Johnny Gardner.  I believe he went from 
FEA to WPTR.  Not sure where his career took him between leaving WPTR 
(1964?) and joining WMEX.