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Steve writes:
> Likewise, I came across a promo copy of a 50s vintage
> song called "Tear
> Down The Fence" by the 4 Coins (I think).  The label had
> notations NEVER to
> play the song and that it was dirty and had been banned.
> Gave it a listen
> out of curiosity and could find nothing even remotely
> risqué about it.

About 20 yrs. back, first commercial gig at WCAP (980 Lowell) when
it was FS A/C, I was often curious why we were seemingly the last to
add a single (or to never add it at all).  I learned a great deal
from the PD (Joe Corcoran) but what I recall in that context was
just because it's a song, and other signals are going with it, it
doesn't mean we must add it.  If it just doesn't match with the
station's "sound" or "image" or even if the reason is less
definable, it was okay just to ignore the song.  I seriously doubt
listeners to a station would move, enmasse, across town just to hear
a certain single, much less even recognize that the song is missing
to begin with.  In the above example, there may have been nothing
flagrant, but perhaps just a judgment call by the decision maker(s).

Bill O'Neill