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Re: NERW 1/27: KB Komes Back

At 12:24 AM 1/31/03 -0500, A. Joseph Ross wrote:
>On 30 Jan 2003 at 16:31, fybush@gwind.pair.com wrote:
> > As first confirmed right here at NERW last week, Entercom pulled the
> > plug on the ratings-challenged business talk format that had been
> > occupying the 50,000 watts of Buffalo's WWKB (1520), returning the
> > erstwhile WKBW to the music that made it great - the hits (don't call them
> > "oldies" these days) of 1958 through 1973.
>I remember when the WKBW signal used to overwhelm WMEX 1510.  That was 
>before 1510
>had a 50,000-watt transmitter.  I just tried to pick up the new WWBK, but 
>it was
>overwhelmed by 1510 (whatever its call letters are now).

"KB1520" still puts a much more listenable signal into Natick.
I listened on my way home last night around 7:45.