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  A. Joseph Ross wrote:

>Just to put this in perspective, there was a famous skit done on NBC radio 
>in 1937, in which
>Don Ameche and Mae West played Adam and Eve.  Although the skit passed the 
>censors, it caused a bit of a sensation in the country and Congressional 
>inquiries.  Mae
>West couldn't get a gig on radio for many years.  I've listened to the 
>skit, and it's very hard
>today to see just what the fuss was about.

Likewise, I came across a promo copy of a 50s vintage song called "Tear 
Down The Fence" by the 4 Coins (I think).  The label had notations NEVER to 
play the song and that it was dirty and had been banned.  Gave it a listen 
out of curiosity and could find nothing even remotely risqué about it.