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Daddy Kevin's quandary:
>> (snip) My son is 11 and very web saaavy. He has been exposed to so much the 
 past few years I wonder how he will remember his childhood. When I was 
 11 it came down to who had the better beach signal WCOP or WMEX. But my 
 parents never censored my choice in radio.
 The video I am talking about is in heavy rotation and I understand the 
 message. My problem is can I or should I censor what my son is exposed 
 to. (snip)<<

you don't mention whether or not he's already viewed the video.  if he has, 
then suffice it to say... that genie's out of the bottle.

i think the concept of the videos on MTV is not one that should be your 
concern.  the channel does make every attempt to keep the video 
productions "airable" and within guidelines that would fit into People magazine 
or something.  however, acceptable today versus the level of when Michael was 
rowing that dang boat are different critters.  
  as a parent, i find some of the non-music programming presented on MTV more 
of a concern.  there are some original ideas that have sprouted on MTV which 
are fun, entertaining and well thought out.  there are others that simply go 
for the lowest level of what passes for entertainment or programming.
  it's one of those situations where you need to drop the hammer on the remote 
from time to time, if, in your judgement, the programming is not one that makes 
you comfortable knowing that your son is in the room.  somewhere else on the 
cable box, Steve Irwin is about to put his hand in front of a venomous viper... 
now THAT'S entertainment!  Crikey!

- -Chuck(who, in the 60's, had to hide Nancy Sinatra videos under my bed)Igo