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Yes he has seen the video

He is a clicker and usually he goes right by MTV as he is more familar 
with music his Mom listens too. This song he has heard on Magic quite a 
bit the past few weeks so he stopped.

His Mom totally freaked when she saw it and believe me she is no prude. 
I was also taken aback but my first reaction was oooooooooooooooooook.

Like I said we come a long way since WBZ censored Kodachrome.

On Thu, 30 Jan 2003 1:49PM -0500, Chuckigo@att.net wrote:
> Daddy Kevin's quandary:
>>>  (snip) My son is 11 and very web saaavy. He has been exposed to so 
>>> much the
>  past few years I wonder how he will remember his childhood. When I 
> was
>  11 it came down to who had the better beach signal WCOP or WMEX. But 
> my
>  parents never censored my choice in radio.
>  The video I am talking about is in heavy rotation and I understand 
> the
>  message. My problem is can I or should I censor what my son is 
> exposed
>  to. (snip)<<
> you don't mention whether or not he's already viewed the video.  if he 
> has,
> then suffice it to say... that genie's out of the bottle.
> i think the concept of the videos on MTV is not one that should be 
> your
> concern.  the channel does make every attempt to keep the video
> productions "airable" and within guidelines that would fit into People 
> magazine
> or something.  however, acceptable today versus the level of when 
> Michael was
> rowing that dang boat are different critters.
>   as a parent, i find some of the non-music programming presented on 
> MTV more
> of a concern.  there are some original ideas that have sprouted on MTV 
> which
> are fun, entertaining and well thought out.  there are others that 
> simply go
> for the lowest level of what passes for entertainment or programming.
>   it's one of those situations where you need to drop the hammer on the 
> remote
> from time to time, if, in your judgement, the programming is not one 
> that makes
> you comfortable knowing that your son is in the room.  somewhere else 
> on the
> cable box, Steve Irwin is about to put his hand in front of a venomous 
> viper...
> now THAT'S entertainment!  Crikey!
> - -Chuck(who, in the 60's, had to hide Nancy Sinatra videos under my 
> bed)Igo