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Kevin writes:
> I think the reason this song and video made me start this
> thread in the
> first place is that the song is getting strong airplay on
> stations like
> Scary think about getting older Archie Bunker seems to be
> making more
> sense to me.

<old fart mode ON>

My kids are 10 & 11. MTV simply isn't a choice. DishNetwork has a
very substantial parental controls interface.  In fact, we've set up
a "kids" search/favorites menu so that they can cycle through all of
the suitable channels. The "150" package has a bunch of Discovery
ch. and sports stuff that's pretty good.  Most often, however, it's
either PBS (Vt. Pub. TV or Mountain Lake PBS), Boomerang ("It keeps
Coming  Back to You" has to be one of the finest slogans anywhere)
and TVLand.  There's no shortage of peers who toss out a pop culture
reference that my kid(s) may not quite grasp, but I am willing to
take that charge.  When 18, if Oprah is still on, I'll suggest them
as guests so that they can rat me out as denying them Aguilera, and
those endless combinations of letters and numbers that make up
artist titles.  And the endless list of rhythmically challenged
trying to be urban (see that McD's spot lately?)  Frankly, with
basketball practice, music lessons, playtime in the snow, homework,
dinner, bedtime to reach 9-10 hrs. needed for kids that age (and my
age) even new math doesn't make TV time work.  DVD is coming in very

Bill O'Neill (the apostrophe is for "LD FART")

<old fart mode OFF>