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Re: Jock's personal web sites?

It's becoming more and more common, especially with younger jocks that 
are more web savvy than their older counterparts. It can be a great 
promotional tool for the jock. In some cases, they serve a practical 
purpose.  If a guy is doing a night show at a CHR station and cutting 
voicetracks for several others around the country, he may have his own 
site with message boards, e-mail and such.  Usually you can link to 
these sites from each station's site the jock appears on. In these 
cases, the station owners would have agree to such an arrangement.  The 
other added bonus is that if the jock gets fired the site can be quickly 
transformed into an online resume complete with downloadable on-air 
demos--that is if the site is maintained by the jock, not the former 

Mike Thomas

Joseph Pappalardo wrote:

>What jocks have their *own* web sites?  I know stations usually have a page
>on THEIR web site...but how many jocks/hosts have their own site?
>Anyone care to offer?