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Re: Comcast/AT&T Cable TV 3 Dumps Local Newscasts

Tell me about it....I just had the satellite TV guy at my condo yesterday 
because we are sick and tired of the crap that Comcast/AT&T is giving me.  
To have the Dirct TV dish installed, the ONLY way we can have it installed 
is by putting through a ground mount by the deck and digging a trench until 
it gets to the shed and then through the shed to where the existing cable 
connection comes through the condo.  We can't have it anywhere on the 
building or anywhere where you can see it from the front of the condo and 
the " free " installation is now going to cost me $ 180.00 next thursday.

>From: Richard Chonak <rac@gabrielmass.com>
>To: BRI <boston-radio-interest@bostonradio.org>
>Subject: Re: Comcast/AT&T Cable TV 3 Dumps Local Newscasts
>Date: 31 Jan 2003 00:54:19 -0500
>Another member wrote:
> > > Does that leave any other reasons _not_ to flip to the bird from
> > > cable?
>Alas, I have one: my apartment faces north.
>Even if it didn't, the legislators of the complex seem to have
>make a good effort to make it difficult to install DBS antennas.
>They write:
>	"Residents must first attempt to install the Antennas within
>	 the units.  If an acceptable signal is not possible, residents
>	 must next attempt to install the Antenna on their own balcony
>	 or patio area, storage bin, or parking space [!].  Connections
>	 of wiring must be through the glass of the nearest window or
>	 sliding glass door of the unit owner...."
>But maybe it's possible to jump through all the hoops and make it
>work: I love a challenge!  :-D

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