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RE: Where are 80s cuts on WROR?

--- Jeff Lehmann <jlehmann@attbi.com> wrote:
> LOL, U2's I Still Haven't Found What I'm looking for
> is on right now, at
> 5:27 PM

I noticed that too! Maybe the folks at 'ROR are
reading this list! (And hi to Tai who is also
WMWM's technical advisor...)

While 'ROR _did_ play that particular song, I wouldn't
expect them to play the cover version by
Negativland with the Casey Kasem outtakes ("I want
someone to use his bleep! brain, to, to not come
out of an uptempo record when I'm talking about
some dog dying!") Negativland got sued for putting out
a collage-based version of the U2 song, and
for "making the packaging seem like it was a U2