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of my pre-teen fondness for Nancy Sinatra and a tongue-in-cheek reference to 
hiding "videos" under my bed in the 60's, Bill O asked:
>>Was it the boots? <<

youbetcha.  that, and the danger of what would've happened if her Daddy found 
out about us...  

now, regarding the raciness of today's pop temptresses... (old fart mode on, if 
i may): they didn't make 'em like that when WE were younger! and even if it 
were so, we'd have not known what to do about it. ;-)   especially at 11 years 
of age.  of course, for most of us, at 11 we found nirvana in an AM radio night 
time skip reception from Fort Wayne or Buffalo or St. Louis or Chicago...

- -Chuck Igo