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I wrote:

> > Even kids who claim they "don't listen to the
> > lyrics" are going to be influenced by them.

and Dan Billings wrote:
> Now that's a proposition that needs some evidence to substantiate it.
> People have been using that argument against rock since the 1950s.  Ozzy
> Osborne and AC/DC were sued claiming their songs caused suicides.  The
> arguments didn't stand up in court and I've never seen any scientific
> studies to support it.  I listened to AC/DC's "Dirty Deeds" hundreds of
> times when I was a teen and I have yet to hire a hitman.  

Yada yada.

Since this is a frequently and tediously discussed subject (in society
if not on the list), I will not take up Dan's argument here, but leave
doing so as an exercise for the reader.