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Re: Correction WLBZ(Re: WZON)

--- Chuckigo@att.net wrote:
> Cooper wrote:
> >>I was always told that the calls for WZON were
> WLBZ... <<
> WLBZ (AM 620) was owned by Maine Broadcasting, along
> with WCSH (AM 970) and the 
> affiliated TV stations (WLBZ & WCSH).  

Speaking of Maine Broadcasting...
 I was in Bangor in May 96 on vacation and I saw a
letter from Maine Broadcasting System at the Stop'n
Shop at Airport Mall. It had 3 TV stations listed:
WLBZ, WCSH and a station in Iowa whose calls escape me
at the moment. Anyone know what the station was? For
some reason, Mason City seems to come to mind.

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