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Re: Correction WLBZ(Re: WZON)

There has been an urban legend at Fenway Park that King bought the 
station to insure the Sox would stay on radio in Bangor.

On Mon, 20 Jan 2003 12:52PM -0500, Chuckigo@att.net wrote:
> Cooper wrote:
>>> I was always told that the calls for WZON were WLBZ... <<
> WLBZ (AM 620) was owned by Maine Broadcasting, along with WCSH (AM 970) 
> and the
> affiliated TV stations (WLBZ & WCSH).  i know that until at least 
> December of
> 1980 the calls were WLBZ.  i was at WCSH radio while still in the Navy 
> (in
> Brunswick) and we shared feeds and features with WLBZ.  (patch cords to 
> roll
> and feed tapes for long-form programs)
>   they were Z-62 (and noted as such with Mighty John Marshall in the 
> various
> Stephen King early stories).  Eastman Radio bought WCSH in late 1980, 
> then
> flipped to The Music of Your Life, 970 WYNZ, Valentine's day, 1981.  
> not sure
> what happened to WLBZ at that point, or how long they remained with 
> Maine
> Broadcasting.
>     Mr. King bought AM 620 in the early 80's (82 or 83) as i can 
> vividly recall
> Bruce Stevens, then doing mornings at WGAN, and his quick wit referring 
> to Mr.
> King's scariest book yet... the Spring Bangor ARB.
> - -Chuck