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Re: WCEA-LP On Ch.40, NOT Ch.58?

WCEA-LP IS on the air on Channel 58 as of last week. 
I saw it on Saturday night in Charlestown.  Its'
signal pales compared to the old Channel 19 signal. 
It is also simulcasted on W40BO/Needham (on FM 128). 

--- "Kaimbridge M. GoldChild"
<kaimbridge@programmer.net> wrote:
> First noted Saturday Evening (7pm), WCEA-LP has
> moved to Ch.40, not
> Ch.58, though the ID in the upper left corner
> *looked like* (picture is
> real snowy up here on the North Shore) it said
> "WCEA, Ch.58"!?!
> Could they have taken over or swapped with W40BO?
>      ~Kaimbridge~
> (BTW Garrett, isn't it time to start a new B-R-I
> Digest Volume? P=)
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Whitman, Massachusetts
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