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Re: WCEA-LP On Ch.40, NOT Ch.58?

At 05:08 PM 1/20/2003 -0800, Peter Q. George wrote:
>WCEA-LP IS on the air on Channel 58 as of last week.
>I saw it on Saturday night in Charlestown.  Its'
>signal pales compared to the old Channel 19 signal.
>It is also simulcasted on W40BO/Needham (on FM 128).

WCEA is stuck in an unfortunate frequency dance thanks to Ch.19 being 
needed for DTV...they'll be stuck in freq.hell until after the analog 
signals are turned off, really.  Although I imagine when they get their DTV 
assignment that will help alleviate some of their problems.

Bear in mind that they might be a tiny little TV station, but they wouldn't 
still be on the air if they weren't making some money with it  :-)

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