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Re: Re:Re: Media myths (Was Townsend)

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> When I first became a reporter and covered scheduled events like
> city council meetings, I would be shocked at the spin the paper
> would put on the meeting and began to wonder if the reporter was
> even paying attention to what was being said or going on.

 I dealt with a number of reporters during the recent election in Maine.  I
didn't find anyone to have any obvious political bias.  I did run into some
who were obviously lazy and happy to give their readers or listeners he
said/she said stories without any attempt to provide any real understanding.
I dealt with one that seemed to be just plain dumb.

One of the biggest problems with the TV stations in Maine is they don't put
any of their reporters on beats.  It is very hard for anyone to do a good
job covering politics or the State House if they are not covering the beat
on a regular basis.  The TV stations just seem to send whoever is available.
As a result, the coverage is usually mediocre at best.  It's not really the
reporters fault.  If their bosses let them cover one area all the time, they
would do a better job.

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine