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Re:Re: Re:Re: Media myths (Was Townsend)

---------- "Dan Billings" <billings@suscom-maine.net> writes:
>It is very hard for anyone to do a good
>job covering politics or the State House if they are not covering the >beat
>on a regular basis.  The TV stations just seem to send whoever is >available.
>As a result, the coverage is usually mediocre at best.  It's not >really the
>reporters fault.  If their bosses let them cover one area all the >time, they
>would do a better job.

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine

I agree (I hope you were sitting)LOL. That is the way good stations used 
to deal with news coverage and that's the way it was when I started.
In my coverage of councils etc many pols I covered told me that they
thought the radio coverage was much more accurate than the local paper
not because of laziness, but because misquoting, while not impossible,
is hard to do in a story with a sound bite.  Unfortunately with fewer
and fewer stations doing anything more than rip n read, or straight 
wire copy or as many stations are doing giving up control of their 
news altogether to outside companies those days are a fond memory.
TV is now traveling down the same road that radio has journeyed.