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Re: Re:Re: Re:Re: Media myths (Was Townsend)

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> Unfortunately with fewer
> and fewer stations doing anything more than rip n read, or straight
> wire copy or as many stations are doing giving up control of their
> news altogether to outside companies those days are a fond memory.
> TV is now traveling down the same road that radio has journeyed.

The station that stands out to me on this point is WCSH.  They have a good
group of reporters.  They have a number of good experienced reporters who
have decided to stay in Maine.  The station actually does a significant
amount of State House coverage, but they seem to just send whoever is
available.  In some stories that may go on for several days, they may have
two or three different reporters cover an ongoing story over the course of a
week.  The coverage suffers as a result.

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine