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Re:Re: Media myths (Was Townsend)

On Wed, 15 Jan 2003 15:29:59 -0500 "Paul Hopfgarten" <paul@03038.com>
> reporters get it wrong quite frequently, 

Rick writes:
>My favorite analogy is when on occasion you read a radio-related
>newspaper article, and you see all the mistakes in the article.  Now
>multiply that scenario by all information portrayed in the paper... >it's
>gotta add up to a considerable amount of questionable information.  >>(I'm
>sure that mistakes are made in all kinds of media, BTW... not just

-Rick Kelly

Dave writes
Sorry in advance to Garrett if this doesn't format correctly,I havent seen how to fix it from the web.
When I first became a reporter and covered scheduled events like
city council meetings, I would be shocked at the spin the paper 
would put on the meeting and began to wonder if the reporter was
even paying attention to what was being said or going on.  OTOH
the reporter was good at digging out stories that some pols would
not necessarily like to have seen public