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Re: Fwd: Cameo Appearance

The way I understand it, the "Great Songs, Great Memories" service from 
WW1 that 1430 uses offers both all-Christmas and regular format feeds 
during the holiday season. Each station has the choice as to what feed 
it wants, and can switch to the holiday feed whenever they wish.  I 
would guess that the jocks cut voicetracks for one feed while doing the 
other live, so in either instance, the station drops would match the 

Mike Thomas

SteveOrdinetz wrote:

> I think the satellite service that WXKS uses switched to Christmas 
> music, not WXKS itself.  It was clearly off the bird, and the magic 
> calls matched the jock.  I think WW1's standards format goes all Xmas 
> after Thanksgiving, I presume that's what they're using.  Probably not 
> worth the bother to switch providers for one month.