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Re: Townsend

Townsend did reveal a homosexual experience in a book about 10 years ago I
believe written by Tim White.
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> > Plus, they nailed Gary Glitter for having kiddie porn on his hard drive.
> > When he handed in his computer to a tech company to fix, the techs found
> the
> > files and called Scotland Yard. I believe he only served a year or two.
> > wasn't that long.
> Townsend claims that he didn't actually download any child porn.  We'll
> if there is anything on his hard drive.  However, it could be argued that
> possessed the child porn when he viewed it because the porn was in his
> computer's RAM.  The records of Townsend accessing the site might be
> to convict him.  Not sure if that theory has ever been tried in court.
> usually not necessary because when they bust these guys, their computers
> usually full of the stuff.
> Howie Carr was talking about Townsend on his show today and immediately
> to the rumors of Townsend being gay.  I thought it was unfortunate that
> made the link between homosexuality and child abuse.
> Gary Glitter was just recently busted in Malaysia for child sexually
> -- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine