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Re: Townsend

Plus, they nailed Gary Glitter for having kiddie porn on his hard drive.
When he handed in his computer to a tech company to fix, the techs found the
files and called Scotland Yard. I believe he only served a year or two. It
wasn't that long.

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> So what's the radio reaction to Pete Townsend's arrest?  Are any stations
> boycotting the Who's music like was done with Cat Stevens?  Or is this a
> good excuse for a Who weekend?
> I'm not sure how the child pornography laws are in England, but Townsend's
> "research" defense wouldn't fly in this country.  There's no "research"
> exemption.  A guy from Norway, Maine tried that one a couple of years ago.
> He's now a guest of the federal prison system.
> -- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine