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Re: Townsend

Dan asked:
>> So what's the radio reaction to Pete Townsend's arrest?  Are any stations 
boycotting the Who's music like was done with Cat Stevens?  Or is this a good 
excuse for a Who weekend? <<

other than a cheap shot at the Who's earlier album, "The Kids Are All Right," i 
can't think of any.  doing research for 'past wrongs' would, in his case, NOT 
include Internet Pornography.  last i checked, Al Gore invented the Internet a 
few years ago, but not when Pete was a kid.  
   however: i still hear Gary Glitter's "Rock&Roll, Part II" at, um, EVERY 
sporting event.  and still get requests for it on the radio.  although i think 
Pete's stature is that much higher than Glitter's.

- -Chuck Igo