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Re: More Boston dead-air party

At 05:26 PM 1/12/2003, Dan Strassberg wrote:
>the citizens. According to the GCN shows, the government (and remember,
>they're talking about Bush--not Clinton) is planning to poison us or blow us
>up or find some new means of doing away with us for reasons that are never
>made clear to me. Maybe the idea is that the people who run the government
>want for themselves all of the wealth that is currently in the hands of the
>This makes me wonder whether the Sports Terminal Network, the week or more
>of dead air, and this new programming aren't some from of stunting. If it is
>stunting, I wonder whether what's stunted might be the mental development of
>the programming genius behind it.
>Dan Strassberg, dan.strassberg@att.net

And people say the programming on Allston-Brighton Free Radio is "out 
there".  Jeeeezzzzz...I'll bet ours is of higher technical quality even!
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