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RE: Maurice Gibb has died

Rich wrote:
>>Ahhh.. The quintessential BeeGees song for today has to be "Fanny, Be
Tender With My Love"  for it symbolizes the BeeGees crossover to true
mainstream Top 40 - and after al these years - It's still a damn good

and of course, with a working title like that, it was the closest some of 
our "pre-shock jock" broadcasters could get away with a built in set-up-slash-
slip... "Love, Be Tender with My ..." and let the vocals fill in the blank.  
Cain, Kennedy, Bradley, Maynard, et al, i believe let that one roll at some 
point. (or two)
   Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band film notwithstanding, the Messrs Gibb 
made some good music.  still enjoy hearing that kicking guitar work on "Jive 

- -Chuck Igo