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Re: If You Missed Moyers, You Didn't Miss Much

  Keating Willcox wrote:

>We had Jim Hightower on for quite a while. You may ask him if he remembers 
>coming to Boston, we had lunch together and I had high hopes for his show, 
>as he is a superb master of the English language. He expresses ideas in a 
>very interesting and poetic way, and is as good a spokesperson as the left 

He also, unfortunately, has a rather grating voice & accent.  I agree he 
has some interesting, and well-expressed viewpoints, but he's tough to 
listen to for very long.

>I was always looking for talk show hosts that, conservative or liberal 
>were friends of Israel, and with the exception of Bob Grant, were civil to 
>members of all races. What a pity that the most popular local shows in 
>afternoon drive (Howie and Jay) are so nasty to non-anglos.

Have never heard Jay, but I've never considered Howie particularly nasty to 
non-anglos.  He does seem to have little patience with people who feel that 
because they're ethnic they're entitled to special treatment...whole 
different issue though.