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Re: Fwd: Re: Re: If You Missed Moyers, You Didn't Miss Much

At 04:19 PM 12/7/2002 -0500, you wrote:
>Now you're jogging my memory.  Perhaps Hightower was on
>Actually, when Ward replaced Hightower at ABC, WRKO picked up the show for
>about six months but I am almost certain he was in San Francisco already.
>Maybe he was broadcast locally before that time but I don't remember.
>Hightower, unfortunately, was never broadcast in Boston. I only know this
>because he is an acquaintance of mine.

We had Jim Hightower on for quite a while. You may ask him if he remembers 
coming to Boston, we had lunch together and I had high hopes for his show, 
as he is a superb master of the English language. He expresses ideas in a 
very interesting and poetic way, and is as good a spokesperson as the left 
has. Alan Colmes on the radio is also superb.

Jim Hightower wouldn't let go of live broadcast from a noisy restaurant, 
lousy acoustics, and mediocre live western music. Appeals to his management 
met with frustration, and we made several changes. Before I got sick and 
sold our other stations, we had Bob Grant and then Joan Rivers in evening 
drive. She is, by the way, a superb talk show host at her best.

Now we have Mike Gallagher, and later on a replay of Ollie North. North is 
quite droll, but needs help from a crew of renegade "assistants"

I was always looking for talk show hosts that, conservative or liberal were 
friends of Israel, and with the exception of Bob Grant, were civil to 
members of all races. What a pity that the most popular local shows in 
afternoon drive (Howie and Jay) are so nasty to non-anglos.


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